Logo Design


Tipinawâw is an innovative partnership between agencies providing shelter and services to Edmonton’s most vulnerable. The name means “sheltered from the outside elements” in Cree. The project was looking for a brand identity to use on their new website, staff T-shirts and more. 

Logo Design

The design process was sparked by ideas from the Tipinawâw team and tied into the project’s Indigenous influences, as well as ideas of warmth, shelter and trees. 

The final logo was hand-illustrated and then simplified until it could easily be reproduced in a single colour at small sizes – something that would be required for cost savings as this not-for-profit enterprise endeavours to provide as much support as they can to their community of clients. 

Tipinawâw - full logo

The “T” has been designed to stand on it’s own as an even simpler version of the logo for special uses like a social media avatar. The slanted T references a simple shelter.